Tip Sheet: How to Light Up Your Speech

Discover these 15 tips to bring out the inspiring public speaker within you. This tip sheet will help you deliver a game-changing presentation and boost your confidence.

The book written by Gina Balarin entitled The Secret Army: Leadership, Marketing and the Power of People

Want to know some of the secrets from The Secret Army: Leadership, Marketing and the Power of People?

Download this free chapter to discover a hidden world including... what it means to be 'itchy', what this has to do with flow, and the formula of 'ing'.

Discover wonderful stories and helpful advice on these podcast interviews

I've had some lovely conversations with fascinating podcasters. From "A Deep Dive into B2B Leadership Best Practices for Change" to "Gina Balarin says marketers play a huge role on boards". Check them out with this list on Podchaser.

This is the Stories as a Service diagram designed by Gina Balarin of Verballistics

Stories as a Service - the content concept that got 8x as many customer testimonials!

How do you capture wonderful customer stories and testimonials and then use them extensively throughout your marketing. This Stories as a Service presentation explains the basics behind the diagram.