Our Philosophy

Meaningful communication is about making connections

When marketing stays with you, long after you've seen it, it's called Sticky Marketing. When stories stay with you long after you've seen them, what do you call them?

Good stories.

Our founder, Gina Balarin, spent a lifetime telling stories for a living before she started Verballistics with one aim: to make your words matter. She loves communicating - which is why she's a professional speaker and an author and she's appeared on television, Marlow FM and Business Radio. (Find out more on her YouTube channel). But she also loves gathering stories from other people.

Every single company has a story to tell. So does every single customer.

How do those stories fuse into great content marketing? That's the art of what we do at Verballistics, based on the inspiration of our founder and her passion for business storytelling.

We make your words count.

And we help you put them in places where your customers will hear them. It's a beautiful fusion of communication and passion, to deliver meaningful business results.